Action v Charlton Athletic and Newport


It was another busy weekend for the Trust supported football programme.

The under 13s travelled to Charlton where they faced a tough but enjoyable game against good opposition.  The Journey may have played a factor, but the Bath boys made a terrible start by conceding 3 quick and sloppy goals.  However, they acclimatised to the quicker and more physical aspect of this standard of opposition and gave a good account of themselves.  Leo and Owen both scored two with Sam grabbing the other one, the team eventually going down 7-5, but having given a good account of themselves.

Mean while the Under 10s, 11s and 12s hosted Newport County at Lasndown.

U12 report By D Andrews:

On a blustery morning in Landsdown, the under 12 BWB team took on their Welsh counterparts. We started quite well but conceded first, so after the first quarter we were all a bit disappointed to be 1-0 down. Going into the second quarter, we knew we had to work hard and put in a few more challenges. Our hard work paid off as we scored a goal from our pressing of the keeper. After this quarter, we were happy with our progress in the match. Going into the 3rdquarter, we felt more confident, but that hope was destroyed by a goal from Newport. But then, our hope regained from a great team goal. For our last quarter, we felt satisfied with our work rate but then a ‘lucky’ goal with a lot of help from the wind put Newport 3-2 up. After a few last ditch attempts, unfortunately we were unable to score and Newport held onto the win.

Goal Scorers: Jibril and Woody

Main Points from the Match:

  • Try not to stop working until the end-never give up
  • Try to be physical (especially with the harder teams)
  • We don’t have as much time on the ball, so look for passes before you get the ball instead of dribbling through players.

Under 10 Interview:

Next shipment for Kokrobite Children’s Centre ready

Over 100 sacks of clothes were collected at the weekend and sorted by a team of the Bath & Wilts representatives.

Needing more than 5 hours to organise, sort and then package all of the clothing, energies were kept high by a small barbecue and intermittent games of table tennis and Teqball.

The boxes will be collected on Wednesday and will arrive in Ghana in approximately 4 weeks time.  They will then be distributed to members of the fishing village through our partners KCC.

Thank you to everyone who participated, not was a fun and worthwhile afternoon.


Next round for U13s


The Trust sponsored Bath & Wilts Schools District team ventured to Taunton on Friday night and showed great character to come from behind to progress to the next round.

The joy of missing the last lesson of the day was forgotten as the boys in blue found themselves 31 down within 10 minutes of leading 1-0 through Leo.  A combination of errors at the back and a bit of naivety in possession in the first 2 thirds allowed Taunton to take control of the game.

However, a shift of focus at half time seemed to ignite more determination and gave the Bath team a plan to turn the game.  Leo scored another three goals in succession to give Bath the lead and then Tom E finished off a lovely team move to ensure that Bath went through to the next round.  A few injuries dampened the mood slightly, but the second half performance meant the bus journey home was ‘spirited’.



Lewis overwhelmed by donations

Lewis got his fundraising for his values project and for the Kokrobite Children’s Centre under way last weekend.

Appealing to his local neighbourhood for unwanted clothing, DVDs, CDs and toys, Lewis ended up with over 250 sacks!  With help from his family he has managed to sort the donations and has been busy turning the merchandise into cash!  Great initiative from the Year 7!  I am sure, his family would like their living room back again soon though! And Lewis could probably do with a rest.  Great stuff.

Helping the environment & local causes

Toby and Harvey have come up with a fantastic idea as part of their Values project!  Not only have they thought of an idea that raises money for two charities, but they have found a way to help the local environment.  Congratulations boys, super effort! Here is an excerpt from their report:

We are making birdboxes and then selling them to raise money for our BWB football team. To take part in the free football coaching programme run by the BWB Trust and to represent the area of BANES and Wiltshire, we both need to fundraise £120 without too much help from family or friends. BWB is a football team that is not just about the ball, but we also do various other things that sometimes are nothing to do with football. | Participate Perform Grow (

The money will go towards maintaining the pitches and provide equipment. We are aiming to raise more than £120 so any extra money will go to Dorothy House.  Winsley Hospice – Dorothy House Hospice Care

The Bird nesting season starts in February and goes to August, so this is great time to set up a bird box in your garden! Birds need to nest somewhere every night. Natural nesting sites are declining and it is believed that this may be contributing to the decrease in numbers of many species of birds.

Screenshot 2021-04-28 at 09.32.15

The first steps to Ghana at Lansdown


The 23 applicants chosen for the enrichment experience to Ghana in October gathered at Lansdown today to participate in short workshop about teamwork.

There were some interesting constructions in the spaghetti challenge, but more important were the observations made regarding the dynamics within their teams and their self assessment regarding the efficacy of their team work.

Amngst the characteristics highlighted as crucial to team work were:

good communication – feeling confident to give ideas – to listen – strong work ethic – being fair – being helpful

Catch a glimpse of the action here:


Down south

A group of 11 year olds jumped on the Trust mini bus to visit Plymouth on Saturday.

A round of golf was won by Toby Ellis before they kids battled against Plymouth, narrowly losing after 80 minutes.  Fun was had by all and the coaches were rewarded with beverages and cake at the end of it.

Older people are nicer than younger generations?


A key component of the programme supported by the Trust is to support young people to become ambassadors for their community.   The willingness to think of others before themselves, to serve someone in some way without a thought of what they may get in return: the value of compassion has been never before so often questioned perhaps.

Researchers in a study at Birmingham University have found that older adults – by which they mean 55 and above – are more willing to help others than younger people, aged 18 to 36.  Previous studies had already determined that older people are more generous with their time and money – but that might be because in many cases they have more of each to spare.The study focused on their willingness to use up valuable energy to help others as the years go on. And it turns out they are more generous in this department as well.

“Our results showed very clearly that participants in our older age group were more likely to work harder for others, even though they would gain no significant financial reward for themselves,” said Matthew Apps, of Birmingham University.

“A lot of research has focused on the negative changes that happen as people get older. We show that there are positive benefits to getting older too. This kind of behaviour is really important for social cohesion,” added Patricia Lockwood, also of Birmingham University.

Participants were presented with a number of scenarios in which they could earn money – either for themselves or others – by squeezing the device. The amount of money on offer – and the strength of grip required to earn it – varied from one test to the next.

The results showed that when the task was easy, younger and older adults were equally willing to exert their grip to earn money for other people. But when it was harder older adults were more willing to exert themselves to help others.  In contrast, younger adults were more selfish and were much more likely to put in higher levels of effort to benefit themselves.

If this is truly the case on a broader scale, we hope that the Values project endorsed by the Trust will guide younger people to recognise the importance and value of doing something for others.

What you contribute should not be measured in terms of personal gain.  Acts of compassion, the giving of oneself is when life finds meaning.


Former Representatives return

Tuesday night saw the return of three Bath and Wiltshire Schools representatives to watch the current crop of 14 year olds  against BIC.

Sam volunteered to put his Carpentry skills to the test by building a cover for the generator acquired for the Pop-up cafe and Fin Sheep Blackman came to polish his face on the banner! Both boys have participated in numerous enrichment projects locally and abroad, including in Ghana and Italy and have promised to help the next generation on their journey using the 4 values.

It was a good night for the 14s as they put in a great performance.  Interviews follow:

U14 Post match Interview


Inspiration in abundance

More examples of creativity have been actioned this weekend as members of the Ghana expedition team have continued to push for the 20,000 target.

Niall and Luis had a successful morning at a car boot sale, whilst Victoria is buys growing plants to sell in her neighbourhood.  With school beginning again after the Easter, the holidays saw a fantastic effort from everyone to inspire other young people to be innovative and strive to put themselves out to help someone else.

The group has already amassed a fantastic total of 8088,00.  Well done everyone