The People


since 2003 the Bath School Sports trust  family has been steadily growing.  Each generation brings with it renewed energy and enthusiasm, but the traditions and emphasis on belonging to something special remains.  It is a big responsibility to uphold the organisation’s ideals, but it is this that binds even when we are too old to wear the shirt.  Here we get to meet the people who have made the Trust their own.



K. Okell, D. Redfern, D. Burston, R. Li, G Taylor, C Lyons, C. Allen, J. Goulding, S Kiely


S Kiely, P Rochford Smith, I Swann, T Kirk, B. Goulding, J. Okell, L Cole,

Trust & Activity staff:

S. Ellis, B Griffiths, D Hodge, A Harrison, D Aparacio, T Ellis Ricketts, A Harding, A Prescott

Former significant contributors:

S Harding, J Bellotti, K Smithies, C Reed, L Cox, S Wheeler