Social media


Social media guidance


The Bath School Sport Trust has a pro-active outlook on using social media (SM) and networking with many attached benefits and allows the use of such mediums amongst its members. Maintaining and improving our communication with supporters and members is crucial.

What is Social Media?

Social media and networking sites include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Myspace, plus video sharing sites such as YouTube, TwitVid, etc. They are now common place and are used daily by many to communicate thoughts, views and actions. Such sights are not frequented by just adults; young people of all ages use social media websites on a daily basis.

The Bath School Sport Trust does not actively encourage its staff to get involved in SM, but especially given the industry we work in and the increased publicity from the media, it is important to understand there are elements of SM which are open to potential issues when used in the wrong way.

Why is a Policy necessary?

To protect staff and players against any pitfalls when using SM. Anything posted on SM is subject to criminal and civil law, but also FA rules and policies.



Use SM if you wish to:

Be positive, aware and sensible – and use common sense

Use SM to help promote The Trust and enhance its reputation and image.

Remember you are representing the Association and everything it stands for



Be afraid to use SM

Announce/criticise any of the following: team selection/tactics, other players or staff

Respond or engage in negative, abusive or unproductive exchanges

Bring the association into disrepute

Reveal confidential information