Freestyle Programme

The Bath and Wiltshire players have the unique opportunity to receive training from world champion freestyler Patrick Bäurer from Freiburg, Germany.

So… what is freestyle football? To describe it simply, freestyle football is an activity that uses all parts of the body to perform tricks with a football.

It’s a sport that’s massively gained in popularity over the last few years. When a huge Nike advertising campaign in the early 2000s showcased the ‘freestyle’ element of football, the sport really began to take off. Its popularity was heightened by the rise of social media, which gave freestylers like me a platform to show off their skills and spread the word about the sport. There are now roughly 5,000 professional freestylers in the world and at least 500,000 people who actively practise the sport.

As well as being entertaining, freestyle football is also a competitive sport and Patrick is one of the best in the world so our players are really fortunate to have his expertise at hand.

You can find out more about Patrick by going to his website:

The boys’s programme will always be in 6 weeks blocks and will take place on Thursday evenings at 18:00 for 40 minutes.

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