Fundraising 2020/21

Despite the best efforts of Covid to dampen the enthusiasm of the Smurf population, innovation and determination has prevailed.  Here are some of the ways in which the players of the District schools team have been completing their values projects.

The music man



Dan’s Values Project is another example of sheer genius!  His enterprising idea has helped members of his community to learn an instrument.  By using his own skills as a musician, he has also brought a lot of joy to people in his neighbourhood and raised money in the process.  Great job Dan!

Neighbourhood collection

Lewis got his fundraising for his values project and for the Kokrobite Children’s Centre under way last weekend.

Appealing to his local neighbourhood for unwanted clothing, DVDs, CDs and toys, Lewis ended up with over 250 sacks!  With help from his family he has managed to sort the donations and has been busy turning the merchandise into cash!  Great initiative from the Year 7!  I am sure, his family would like their living room back again soon though!

Bird boxes

Harvey and Toby came up with an absolutely brilliant idea to show their understanding of the 4 values.  Here is an excerpt from their report:

We are making birdboxes and then selling them to raise money for our BWB football team. To take part in the free football coaching programme run by the BWB Trust and to represent the area of BANES and Wiltshire, we both need to fundraise £120 without too much help from family or friends. BWB is a football team that is not just about the ball, but we also do various other things that sometimes are nothing to do with football. | Participate Perform Grow (

The money will go towards maintaining the pitches and provide equipment. We are aiming to raise more than £120 so any extra money will go to Dorothy House.  Winsley Hospice – Dorothy House Hospice Care

Screenshot 2021-04-28 at 09.32.15

Baking heaven
Jack (under 15’s) did a cake sale from home owing to the Covid restrictions and managed to make £155 over two weekends – fantastic Jack, lots of work, but you were feeding the nation too!
On your bike 
Good news! Leo completed his bike ride and he enjoyed it much more than he thought he might!
“My favourite part of the trip was this massive tunnel which was roughly 1 mile, and its really scary but fun at the same time  (you will see in the photos.)  We finally reached my sister’s flat and we set our selves up etc, and then had a tour of some of the stuff and places in Bristol. My favourite one was going across the Clifton Suspension Bridge which was absolutely MASSIVE and extremely terrifying to look down from it.  Once we finished that, we went and got ourselves dinner and got a stone baked pizza and fish and chips which was amazing!  The next day we set off on the same route, but near the end we had to go into Bath to fix my bike because my gears weren’t working. But eventually we did get home and i have to say I’ve grown a lot of confidence going on the road on my bike after my accident, so you could say that I’ve completed the point of the fundraiser?!
p.s. I forgot to say i crashed into a bollard…”

Bingo time!

Alfie hosted a New Years Eve BWBingo night for his values project. He created a poster and a bingo board, hand delivered the cards, called the numbers and delivered the prizes. He managed to raise £130 for the trust. He then did a powerpoint document to go alongside it.  Great job Alfie!


Run Forrest run!

On Saturday 14 November Seb began training for his long distance run challenge.   He completed the run on 28 November 2020.

  • Results

Distance required = 5km / 3.1 miles                   Distance completed = 6.55km = 4.076 miles

Time = 34 minutes – no stopping!

‘I achieved my goal and target which made me feel proud.  To improve and challenge myself next time I could either run further or the same distance but quicker!!’

Screen Shot 2021-04-04 at 19.45.10



Litter snowmen

Guy and Will litter picking in their local community and in the snow too very committed!!!!


Here are some more  pics of Will and Guy litter picking and doing a cake sale for their values project.


Bath Skyline

Henry took the challenge of walking the Bath Skyline 7 times in 7 days, how many steps on your Fitbit would that be?!


Mr Handyman

Leo has been doing all sorts of jobs and has even set himself the challenge of walking Lands End to John O Groats.  He has done 327 out of 824miles so far!


Muddy Mayhem

This year Barney and Charlie chose to take part in the Battle of Lansdown 2020 event in October (between lockdowns) and ask for sponsorship to go towards their values projects. It’s a well designed 5k obstacle course with approx 30 tough obstacles! Charlie and Barney wanted to ‘smash it’ and they did so by coming 1st and 2nd in their age group (44.51 & 45.49 mins!).  Lots of muddy fun had by all and money raised in the process.


Tandem fun

In the summer Owen and I decide to do a sponsored 15-mile bike ride around Bristol for our values project, but we did it with a twist. We hired a tandem bike. As Owen was the tallest he was the pilot on the front which meant he was steering and doing the gears, then that meant I was on the back so I had to do the arm indications and we both had to pedal at the same time or it wouldn’t have worked.

What I found difficult was that when we started to ride we had to start at the same time so we had to say are you on then 3,2,1, pedal. But I started to get use to it, in the end I found it really fun it was a great learning experience.  Matthew

I found the starting off difficult to start with, but once we got a system it was fine. I was in charge of steering, which at first was difficult because of the extra weight on the back and the length of the bike. I also had to charge gears and brake. We had to work as a team or we would have fallen off. It was a great day. Owen



Who needs gravity?

Sam has been clocking up the miles, and the pennies!