Enrichment trips


Enrichment trips take those selected away from the comforts of home; and through the experience of unfamiliar activities and settings aim to develop and test the Trust’s 4 key values: Responsibility, Resilience, Curiosity and Compassion



The Trust will be working with the Kokrobite Chiltern Centre in Ghana again in 2021. (http://www.kokrobitechilterncentre.org)

After collaborating with the Centre these last years with groups of 12-14 year olds  from teh Bath and WIltshire areas, we are once again offering the challenge to a new crop of youngsters.

Covid situation depending, we hope to run a new enrichment project leading up to a visit to Kokrobite in October 2021.  Applications will be accepted in January 2021 from pupils aged between 11 and 14 in Bath and Wiltshire.

Further details will be posted here in due course.




  • construction of a pitch-side classroom (made from recycled plastic bottles)
  • construction of a well to supply fresh water
  • installation of solar panels
  • construction of 100 mosquito net frames to be used outside

The groups of boys aged between 11 and 15 will be visiting in February and May 2017.

Those involved have already started fundraising to support the new projects, with fundraising activities including sponsored cycle rides, sponsored runs,grass cutting and other jobs,  volunteering to help elderly residents at Florence Court, a giant yard sale, a charity fun day at Currys in Trowbridge and a collection of unwanted foreign coins. Well done boys, great work!

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Ethan has been hard at work laying a patio in his summer holidays




Through a link between the Trust and the founders of the Kokrobite Chiltern Centre in Ghana, 17 boys will be travelling to Accra in February 2016.

The group of boys, aged 12-13, have been fundraising for several months to raise funds to build a community football arena in the village of Kokrobite.  Fundraising activities have included organising a Quiz Night for friends and family, taking part in sponsored cross country runs and bike rides, compiling and selling calendars, doing odd jobs, and selling unwanted items on Ebay.

While in Ghana, the boys will help with constructing the football arena.  They will also spend a day in the village school, play football matches against local teams, visit Church, have a go at African drumming, and learn about the history of the slave trade in West Africa.

The Trust would like to thank Tildenet of Bristol for kindly supplying goal nets and mosquito nets to donate to Kokrobite.

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In the summer of 2014 a group of boys applied to take part in an enrichment trip in the mountains.

There were three stages to the project: Planning, Funding, Participation.  Having applied and been selected, the applicants were put into three groups to plan the trip in the areas of travel, catering and activities.

A number of meetings ensued and teach time they had to report back on their progress.  At the same time they were active trying to raise funds to pay for the venture.

Cake sales, car washes, car boot sales, sponsored cycles…the number of activities undertaken were vast and wide and in the end they managed to gather enough money to turn the trip into a reality!

Once there…well the pictures speak for themselves.