Sponsors & fundraising

The Bath and Wiltshire School Sports Trust is entirely dependent on voluntary donations; all our work relies on the generosity of our sponsors and the dedication of our volunteers.  Every charitable gesture and donation enables the Trust to provide the opportunities so valuable to the boys and girls living in the BANES and Wiltshire area, and we thank all those who have helped in any way.

We are particularly  grateful for the generosity of our Club 5 sponsors over the last 4 years, who have all donated substantial sums of money to the Trust:

 Altus Limited – business systems and consulting for financial services

Systopia International  – cashless payment solutions and systems

Parsley in Time – suppliers of catering equipment


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In addition, the following businesses have joined our Club 25 and supported the work of the Trust in 2016/17 by contributing a minimum of £250 each:

Karen Harbinson Consulting Ltd

The Blue Surf Trust

Horner Roberts Ltd

Club 100  businesses, families and individuals have all contributed funds or volunteered their time or services to help the work of the Trust; we would like to thank the following members in 2016/17:

Jo Lott physiotherapy


Running Bath

Future Building Solutions Bath Ltd


Kit Sponsors:

We are fortunate to have an agreement with the well known brand of Puma UK Ltd to provide kit and equipment for the Trust’s purposes.

Goalkeeper kit for the District schools’ football teams is kindly sponsored by Edward Street Health

Edward Street Clinic

Edward Street Clinic

Puma logo