School Sports Trust

Following growing concerns regarding participation levels in sport amongst young people and a sense of apathy towards traditional values, it was decided that the Trust could use the momentum of the success of the Olympic Games in 2012 to provide a platform from which both adults and young people could enjoy and promote further participation in a range of sporting activities.   Indeed, the Trust recognises the social, educational and health benefits from participating in sporting activities, thus it is imperative that we encourage young people to use sport as a medium to interact, learn, nurture good habits and essentially develop a passion which will provide opportunities beyond expectation.

Significantly, we recognise that the environment in which children are now growing up is affected by the demands of a global and technological-driven society that demands accountability.  Whilst there seems to be pressure to achieve prescripted guidelines in every field, the process of achieving and the definition of achievement has been forgotten. The Bath & Wiltshire School Sport Trust wishes to spread the message through sport that learning is about the process of personal experience; that opportunity to experience is the key to developing understanding.  We wish to lead by example by providing opportunities that raise expectation, nurture personality, and encourage understanding so that knowledge and skills can be used in all areas of life.

A dedicated staff has years of experiences of challenging young people during events and tours both abroad and in the local area.  Whether it be participating in the World Youth Cup in Sweden, bag packing at Sainsbury’s, preparing meals at camps in Holland, or simply giving speeches to fellow pupils at school,  we believe that our opportunity to take part, grow and perform cycle will help shape the local ambassadors of tomorrow.