Representatives 2007/2008

The following players were selected from their schools to represent Bath & West Wiltshire SFA for the season 2007/2008.

  • Severe drought in Australia causes wheat crop to fail and prices to increase around the world.
  • British troops withdraw from Basra in Iraq leaving Iraq Security forces in control
  • Gordon Brown becomes The new British Prime Minister
  • The worlds most efficient electric car the Tesla Roadster shown at car shows prior to full production 2008
  • The Final Harry Potter book is published Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


Allardice C Newclose
Battrick J St Saviours
Biddiscombe J Selwood
Bryan A St Stephen’s
Crabbe J Selwood
Hinder C Chandag
Hughes R Selwood
Miche J Newbridge
Morton D Chandag
Mortimer – Taylor E Chandag
O Leary M Newbridge
Oswin J Newbridge
Pollard T St George’s
Rhys-Jones J Chandag
Russell L Bathampton
Taylor H Paulton
Townsend H Chewton M
Vyner Z Widcombe
Walters J Newbridge
Wych B Shoscombe