Key Skills weekend success

13 June 2021

The chosen participants for the enrichment trip to Ghana participated in a skills trip at Arney’s Farm, Rode over the weekend.

The 22 travellers from BANEs and Wiltshire came together to learn a number of skills necessary for the excursion to Africa in October.

On Friday the boys pitched their tents and had a short discussion with Jane from the Kokrobite Chiltern Centre and this was followed by football fun and a barbecue at Langham House.  It was great to see old boys Joe Porton, Archie Harding and Rory Jones come back to help the younger ones.

Saturday was an action packed day as Elly Oliver from Monkton Combe School came along to take the boys through basic lifesaving and CPR – invaluable!  Dr Dan Hubbard also did a session on basic first aid including how to deal with snake bites and infections.

With the task of cooking from an open fire based on menus prepared int heir groups, local fireman Gregg Baird taught the boys about fire safety and how to start and manage open fires.  Fortunately, chef Ray Li was also on had to guide the boys in their questionable cooking!

Many thanks to everyone who took part, particularly Ian Swann and the Allen family who also chipped in over the weekend to ensure the boys had a fantastic and enriching time.