Helping the environment & local causes

Toby and Harvey have come up with a fantastic idea as part of their Values project!  Not only have they thought of an idea that raises money for two charities, but they have found a way to help the local environment.  Congratulations boys, super effort! Here is an excerpt from their report:

We are making birdboxes and then selling them to raise money for our BWB football team. To take part in the free football coaching programme run by the BWB Trust and to represent the area of BANES and Wiltshire, we both need to fundraise £120 without too much help from family or friends. BWB is a football team that is not just about the ball, but we also do various other things that sometimes are nothing to do with football. | Participate Perform Grow (

The money will go towards maintaining the pitches and provide equipment. We are aiming to raise more than £120 so any extra money will go to Dorothy House.  Winsley Hospice – Dorothy House Hospice Care

The Bird nesting season starts in February and goes to August, so this is great time to set up a bird box in your garden! Birds need to nest somewhere every night. Natural nesting sites are declining and it is believed that this may be contributing to the decrease in numbers of many species of birds.

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