The Trust collects 15 boxes of donations

Despite the difficulties of the recent year, the Bath & Wiltshire Schools boys and their families have been giving generously for the collection to go to Kokrobite in Ghana.  With the shipment due to be picked up on Wednesday, items have been arriving and 15 boxes have been filled of toys, clothing, stationery and sanitary items.

Many thanks to all those who have donated, the centre is in for a nice treat when it all arrives.

Kit donation

Many thanks To Mr Rhodes of John of Gaunt School in Trowbridge who has donated on behalf of the school a number of football kits.  The kits will be sent to Ghana as part of the enrichment project 2021.

We are sure the players in Kokrobite will be delighted.

15 med/large tops and 1 GK top

11med/large tops and 1 GK top

13 med/large tops and 2 GK tops

22 small/med tops and 1 GK top
22 small/med tops and 2 GK tops

Volunteering at Lansdown

We have had over 20 families volunteer their services to help clear up and do works at Lansdown.  From litter picking to pitch repairs, the young boys and their siblings or parents have volunteered their time to improve the environment at Lansdown, Bath.  Many thanks to all of those who braved the weather to participate.